Chaco Golden Stripe Tarantula Stock Photo - Image of chitin, black: - Gold striped trantula

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One of the larger species of tarantula, the Chaco golden knee, formerly known by Grammostola aureostriata, can be expected to reach between 20–22 cm. One of the larger species of tarantula, the Chaco golden knee (Grammostola pulchripes), The former (and very commonly used) species name, aureostriata, is derived from Latin aureus "golden" and striatus "striped". The currently used.

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By Magul - 17:53
Grammostola Pulchripes or "Chaco golden knee tarantula" Grammostola has greek roots meaning "lined clothing" which probably refers to the knee striping on​.
By Mikabei - 21:30
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By Mazujind - 05:37
The Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula who is also known as the Striped-Knee Tarantula is tarantula from Costa Rica and central America. They grow to be about 4 to.
By Mikasida - 00:37
The Chaco golden knee tarantula (Grammostola pulchripes), bristling with hair and boasting leg spans of up to 8 inches, may appear formidable, but they are.

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