Jellyfish Lake - Wikipedia - Jelly bubbles in bottom of lake

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These gelatinous. Jelly bubbles in bottom of lake - Mysterious Balls of Goo Are Rolling Onto American Beaches.

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By Dujin - 10:59
Healthy Ponds can include "Jelly Balls". They can be more They are not fish or frog eggs, a form of algae or lake bacteria. They seem to prefer a -organic pond bottom and are a useful indicator of water quality. "Jelly Balls".
By Shaktitaxe - 06:00
The Question: I was swimming in the lake behind our house with a friend one But with closer observation it turns out to be a jelly like substance. . somehow so the colony is off the bottom, but I'm not sure how critical that is.
By Faerisar - 19:02
During the late months of summer, gelatinous balls, called Bryozoans or moss to as moss animals, make jellylike tubes and attach themselves to sticks, rocks, in many Minnesota waters, ranging from large rivers to lakes to small ponds.
By Nikozahn - 08:49
The volume of an air bubble increases 15 times when it rises from bottom to the top of a lake. Calculate the depth of the lake if density of lake water is x ​.

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